Hello! So I have been locked in production mode for the past year on a project I cant talk about  BUT we are building towards an in-studio project I CAN mention.
Meet Honk:
I have been involved with directing the storyboards, supervising the team and doing the odd bit of design.

My job as Storyboard Director:
I basically thumbnail out the episode with rough stick figures, get as much of the staging and acting beats in there as I can then pass it on to the rest of the story team to refine into something legible. There’s plenty of back and forth as we build on each others ideas,  then it finds its way into edit where there’s plenty more feedback and ideas to build on. Once that’s done we should be left with something that looks a little like this:

What comes next? Well that’s where we need the funds to get some colour in them lines.
Please check out our kickstarter to help bring this goose to technicolour life!