Storyboard/Pitch Work:


Below is the Beast Wars music video, ‘Dune.’ I worked digitally and did both the storyboards and the backgrounds for it.

Comic Book Work:


01coversmall 02coversmall saurianera3cover_cory_mathis_tiny

“Saurian Era is a dinosaur inspired fantasy adventure following characters as they navigate and explore a world where ancient beasts and man collide. From dinosaur racing, to epic arena show-downs, a primeval, medieval-samurai dinosaur-riding mash-up with a menagerie of characters trying to stay ahead or at least keep their dinosaurs fed long enough to make a quick buck.

Animation Work:

Below is my diploma project from my previous studies at Freelance Animation School (now Animation College New Zealand). Classically animated by hand and compiled in ToonBoom. I have since grown this into a series of mini-comics – be sure to click the Saurian Era banner above to check it out 🙂


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